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We are trying very hard to reduce our use of printed media in line with our school Eco Committee Aims and in order to ensure that we can spend as much of our budget on educating our children as possible.  All letters and newsletters are distributed electronically to the email address that you have supplied to school. However, as a rural school, we are aware that not everyone has access to email.  If you are unable to receive your communications via email, please let the office know and we will supply a paper copy.

We use Class DOJO as our primary method of letting children, parents and carers know what has been happening in class and about up and coming events.  This site is accessed by invite only so that it remains a closed group.  This helps us to Safeguard our children and staff.  We also have a more public Facebook Page (with limited news) and termly Newsletters. 

You can download our recent newsletters here which are normally distributed via email:

Headteacher Newsletter 10 - July 2024

Headteacher Newsletter 9 - June 2024

Headteacher Newsletter 8 - May 2024

Headteacher Newsletter 7- April 2024

Headteacher Newsletter 6 - February 2024

Headteacher Newsletter 5 - January 2024

Headteacher Newsletter 4 - Dec 2023

Headteacher Newsletter 3 - Oct 2023

Headteacher Newsletter 2 -14th Sept 2023

Headteacher Newsletter 1 - September 2023

8 March 2023 Letter from Chair of Governors

18 Nov 2022 Parent and Staff Notice

Headteacher Newsletter March 2023

Headteacher Newsletter November 2022

Headteacher Newsletter September 2022










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